Do You Write?

As a teenager I loved to write. I would do it all the time. Of course, back in the day we didn’t have things like social media to distract us. So it was either watch television or find something to do. One of the things I used to do most often was write. I’d write everything from poetry to non-fiction. Being a published author was definitely on my list of things to do and I’ve had a handful of things published over the years. I even had an article published in Readers Digest many years ago.

As I became an adult, life got busier, Facebook and the Internet happened and I dropped writing. It’s something I’ve been called to though. As I’ve learned, often those hobbies we had as children and dropped as life got in the way, are still the things that bring us the most joy. Usually those things are creative endeavours too. It’s things like writing, drawing and music that are our hearts’ desires. It’s just a matter of tapping into them again as adults and letting that creative side come out to be explored.

I could just write the book. The blog is unnecessary. Doing it this way is optional, but I want to. I follow another author who wrote about the concept of blogging a book, something she had done for one of her books. It struck me as a fun idea. It’s a way to put content out there, create some sort of accountability for myself and have fun too. Getting feedback along the way, having people ask questions about what’s being written, talking about the content in more detail, are all amazing ways to write a book that hopefully inspires others to tap into their own creative side.

What do you do for a fun creative outlet?
Or, what did you do as a child that you don't do anymore? Why aren't you doing it?

This spiritual path is tough. It’s not easy to walk this path and navigate the world as we know it to be right now. That’s why this book is being created. There are so many questions I had when I first started this journey that I figured a guide to how to navigate it would be helpful to others. This book is all the things I wish somebody would have told me 6 years ago when I awakened. I’ve already written a bit of it and I’ll be sharing what is already created over the coming weeks. I still have more to write and I’ll be putting my time into that as well.

Expect to see some blogs from me that are more about this process and what’s been happening with the book. I’m looking forward to sharing more and hopefully interacting with all of you that are reading this.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey.

Until next time…


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